fugue for the considered moment
through the air
invention for scratch the upsetter
pop music

these pieces use text, graphic scores and 'indeterminate notation', where rhythm and approximate pitch only are indicated. they should all be playable by people who have some reading skills.
* denotes that the piece needs conducting
+ denotes suitable for players that cannot read music at all

A deceptively simple four note structure. The ensemble is asked to treat it as a motif, subject to the usual transformations a composer might use. When played well, the structure informs the entire resultant piece, without dictating its form.

fugue for the considered moment*
As the name suggests, a fugue, consisting of the same part for each player. Players start according to a prearranged order, singly or in groups. The central part should consists of the entire group playing as quietly as possible before they pick up to the finale.

The group is divided into A and B sections; the A part is legato and long-note, while the B group interjections are gentle but staccato. This forms the basis for a group improvisation.

cogs (after Terry Riley)
A noisy rock/improv adaptation of Terry Riley's 'In C'. pitches have been replaced with indeterminate notation, the pulse is provided by a drum machine and some passages have been left open for improvisation.

through the air*+
A framing device for smaller groups from the larger group; the indeterminately notated theme is played between improvisations by eg duos, trios and quartets prearranged from the larger whole.

invention for scratch the upsetter+
The group is invited to use the conventions of dub to improvise a piece. A theme is provided, but does not have to be used. Bass & drums play throughout: higher instruments collaborate to provide a sense of unpredictability and space on top.

pop music (after John Stevens)+
An adaptation of John Stevens' 'click piece', but using the word 'pop' instead of clicks; the piece also has an arc shape which 'click piece' didn't have.