The e-commerce side of things i'm handling thru BandCamp. Basic CD prices are in the 6-9 range, inc UK postage (bit more overseas). All BandCamp downloads are offered as 'pay what you want', so they needn't cost you anything if you don't want them to.

whi 018

'exoskeleton', the second album by Bloodcog. Bloodcog is now a five-piece: Fran Bass - electric bass, Richard Harding - chapman stick and classical guitar, Phil Hargreaves - saxes/flute, Richard Harrison - drums and objects, Pete Smyth - electronics and loops. It's funkier than the first one, and according to Corey Mwamba on Radio 3, a "swagger". Watch for live shows with this line-up later in the year...

whi 017

'the imperfection of crowds' by Malchamech, a rocky improv trio of Richard Harding (chapman stick), Phil Hargreaves (saxes/flute) and Richard Harrison (drums/percussion).

whi 016

This is the third Graculus album, and as well as the usual offering of chamber/classical influenced improvisation, Richard Harding has taken the raw materials of the album and created a 48 minute ambient soundscape from them:

As it's a double, it's a little more expensive, but still only 9 for a pair of contrasting sonic experiences.

whi 015

Richard Harding: guitar/chapman stick
Phil Hargreaves: tenor/soprano saxes/flute & instruments
Richard Harrison: drums & objects

Recorded in Liverpool May-August 2021

whi 014

Phil Hargreaves: tenor/soprano saxes & flute
Richard Harrison: drums & objects

Recorded in June 2021, eleven improvisations.

BF 78

Rob Dainton: drums
Simon H Fell: double bass
Phil Hargreaves: tenor & soprano saxes

Recorded in November 2009, six improvisations.

whi 013

small things sleeve

Maggie Nicols: voice/piano/keyboards/sound manipulation
Phil Hargreaves: saxes/flute/cello/bass/sound manipulation

6 incl.P&P in the UK

whi 012

small things sleeve

Richard Harding: classical/electric guitars
Phil Hargreaves: soprano sax/flute

34 improvised miniatures, recorded in 2011

Available as a 'pay what you want' download, or as a silver disk.

whi 011


Richard Harding: classical/electric guitars
Phil Hargreaves: soprano sax/flute

Available via Bandcamp as a 'Pay What You Want' download

whi 010

imperfect silence

the first compilation of sounds from the cadavre esquis international collaboration website, formed into a whole by phil hargreaves. Featuring sounds from eleven musicians across the world.

whi 009

musick for two machines

barry chabala - acoustic guitar and laptop
phil hargreaves - tenor sax

two disks, intended to be played simultaneously on two players, both set to shuffle.

whi 008

freejazz sampler vol two sleeve

sixteen tracks - two disks' worth of music

whi 007

freejazz sampler volume one sleeve

thirteen tracks from various contributors to the freejazz.org website

whi 006

friday morning everywhere

phil hargreaves: voice, guitars, cello, flute
Glenn Weyant: kestrel 920, prepared guitar, piano

whi 005

an experiment in blind chaos group theory free dada coincidence volume one

Barry Chabala: chaos guitar/phil hargreaves: voice/dada poetry/Bill Marconi: prepared vibraphone and drumset/Glenn Weyant: prepared piano & mixing/Mike Yarrish: upright bass

whi 004

a present from the pickpocket

phil hargreaves: saxes, flute, voice, cello, programming
lee noyes: drums, guitar, erhu

whi 003

the greater part of what my neighbors call good i believe in my soul to be bad

bret hart: guitars, panjo, prepared guitar, hose-bone samples, organ, bell loops
phil hargreaves: tenor/soprano/mezzo-soprano saxes, flute, xaphoon, processing

whi 002

the cover of 'trees' by amere3

amere3 are rob dainton: drums, simon fell: bass, phil hargreaves: saxes/flute

studio album recorded in parr st studios, liverpool in june 2000. much more than a high-energy thrash, the emotional range runs from delicate to intense.

more info reviews


whi 001

folio one

folio one is a collection of compositions for large-scale improvising group. fully road tested on the liverpool-based frakture big band, titles include :

fugue for the considered moment
through the air
invention for scratch the upsetter
pop music

available as a pdf file - email for details



LR 407

where we were - cover

Caroline Kraabel: alto sax & voice
Phil Hargreaves: tenor/soprano sax & flute

'Where We Were (Shadows of Liverpool)' is a CD on the Leo label, which represents the culmination of four years' work. We  recorded in significant and/or unusual acoustic locations in Liverpool, letting the environment have a say in the shape of the music. Then we stitched the recordings together to make an extended electro-acoustic composition, an amalgam of snap decision making and considered construction.

6 inc P&P



nerve 001

phil morton: guitar/treatments ** phil hargreaves: saxes/flute
recorded nov/dec 1997

bonehouse were very influential on the Liverpool Improv scene - a "joyfully gritty noise", according to Musings. Hear why, on their only studio set.




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