An Experiment In Blind Chaos Group Theory Free DADA Coincidence Volume One


blind chaos free dada - front cover

The original impulse for this was Glenn's: he set up the message on in Feb 2006. We were to provide recordings, and Glenn would layer them together. At random. In the event, not everybody's recordings were the specified length, which just shows the difficulty of shepherding musicians. So, Glenn ended up with two versions: one where he just layered everything on top of everything else, as per the original idea (track one), and one where he moved them around on purpose (track two), which is longer. We present them both here for your delectation.


track 1: Chaos Mix
track 2: Conscious Mix








Barry Chabala: Chaos Guitar
Phil Hargreaves: Voice (texts by Tristan Tzara)
Bill Marconi: Prepared Vibraphone & Drumset
Glenn Weyant: Prepared Piano
Mike Yarrish: Upright Bass









To initialize this project, the musicians submitted recordings containing a solo performance. With a minimum of manipulation, the submissions were then compiled and combined to create two tracks via a multitracking process.

The first track heard on this disc is a chaos driven recording, whereby the solo performances are heard "as is" except for an adjustment of sound levels and dead-space.

The second track is a conscious manipulation of the performances via the multitracking process, emphasizing blind coincidence and moments of unintentional communication then positioned against each other.

Glenn Weyant
Arizona, Apr 2006