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European Free Improvisation
A general list of practitioners of the art, lots of piccies and audio, lots of info, a fair who's who of European Free Improvisors. Like it says.


"The restructural musics from the post-Ayler/Cage continuums have not been documented correctly and this 'MIS-AWARENESS' must be addressed." -- Anthony Braxton

Jazz Services
The UK's promoter of the artform. Loadsa links, directories of people etc etc


European Jazz Network
Pretty much as it sounds, whole bunch of interesting stuff from the continent



Modisti is an interactive virtual environment for new music.
An online directory with information with regard to experimental music, itís performers and enthusiats, thru lists promotion activities such as concerts, festivals, etc., as well as record releases.
New releases & free mp3 downloads in experimental music. News, concerts, performances, festivals, labels etc: based in Spain, but with a worldwide outlook.


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Bob Drake
Musician, artist and photographer of cemetaries

Bret Hart
Guitarist out of North Carolina. Check the Instrumentales Duet series, and many other fine recordings here... 

Ken Hyder
Fae Dundee - London based drummer, works w/Tim Hodkinson, Maggie Nicols - his band Talisker bridged the gap between free music and scottish folk, and he once did an album w/Dick Goughan, which is about as good as a CV gets, in my opinion...

Kaffe Mathews
Generally marvellous violinist and sound manipulator 

Deep Listening Institute
All you might want to know about Pauline Oliveros and collaborators.

Paul Hession
banging the big soft drum set in Leeds, UK

Caroline Kraabel
Musings on Life and Sound

Anthony Donovan
Info on his artworks and the Murmurists


Glenn Weyant's project involves playing the fences between the US and Mexico: the resulting mixes are yours to download.

Philip Jeck

Sound and turntable artist. Perhaps best known for installations involving dansettes, but his solo stuff is absorbing and wonderful too, if less visually spectacular.

Smack 77
Si Mack's YouTube Channel, including D-fekt

Tri-centric Foundation
Home of all things to do with Anthony Braxton.

Lee Noyes
Drummer, guitarist, composer, based in Sweden.

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Perfect Sound Forever
Online 'zine

Experimental Musical Instruments
Site of the american mag of the same name - the title more or less tells you everything, ie it's about unusual instruments, so if that's what you want, this is where it is...


Furthernoise is an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism and archiving of innovative cross genre music and sound art for the information & interaction of the public and artists alike.

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Leo Records
Great label. Tell them we said hi...


Bruce's Fingers
Label of the late Simon Fell; website still there, tho you can't buy stuff any more.


French improv label


"...the Cliche-free independent"


Out of NYC - Cadence is fairly straight ahead, also home to CIMP records, very purist improv label.


Improv and cutting edge from the West Coast (of the US, that is, rather than Conway)


US label, lotsa interesting stuff.


Step forward, Martin Archer and his 'adventurous label', outta Sheffield.


Martin Davidson's London based label

Recommended/ReR Megacorp
Chris Cutler's home to all that is wonderful


Materiali Sonori
eclectic selection from Italy's finest


"if you are looking for human-organized sounds to potentially tranform you, your search here has yielded a treasure"


Documenting the recorded legacy of the late Derek Bailey.


George Haslam's long-running document of the British free jazz scene. Recommended.


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Wassat, then? it's the Swedish Association for Free Improvised Music

London monthly club, now happily installed in their new home at the Vortex

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email: info[at]whi-music.co.uk