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imperfect silence

cadavre esquis compilation one
whi 010

Imperfect Silence Cover

Cadavre Esquis ia a website where musicians swop the fruits of their endeavours internationally and promiscuously.  Born out of the discussion site freejazz.org, nearly 1Gb of MP3 files (and a number of other postal and real-life collaborations).  This disk pulls together  some of those moments: not a 'greatest hits' or even a 'finest moments', it's merely my personal journey through the material that is there.

Featuring the individual and several talents of 
Gosia Bazinska   Barry Chabala   Paolo Cruciani    Bruno Duplant    David Grundy
phil hargreaves    Bret Hart      Massimo Magee    Lee Noyes  
Matt Sekel    Glenn Smith  Glenn Weyant


Full Album (MP3 format)

parts for jewel case (pdf format)

design for label (jpg format)

NB: as these tracks only existed as MP3's to begin with, a flac version would have no benefit, so i haven't provided one.