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phil hargreaves

tenor sax/soprano sax/flute


phil hargreaves is a Liverpool-based instrumentalist and composer working in the field of improvised and experimental music.

I began playing as a guitarist in a punk band in the West Midlands, where i grew up, before moving to Liverpool at the age of twenty and buying a tenor sax, both decisions that would radically shape the rest of my life. Initially i was involved in Liverpool's pop scene, recording John Peel sessions with Personal Column, but eventually i moved via streetband work into the jazz field.
  After stints playing fusion and dinner jazz, i finally found the area where i could fully combine my talents, interests and influences, in improvised music, an area first stimulated by work with Peshkar theatre, and my subsequent study of Indian music with Aziz Zeria in Manchester.
  I played with guitarist Phil Morton in the duo Bonehouse, and also helped establish the Frakture club in Liverpool, a club space for improvised and experimental music. Highlights of bonehouse's playing career included playing w/Derek Bailey and Lol Coxhill. Arising out of the Frakture work, the Frakture Big Band was a loose grouping of improvising musicians based in and around Liverpool, mostly playing phil hargreaves compositions - their collaboration with Simon H Fell was one of the highlights of the 1999 Frakture Festival.
  In 2001 i premiered the Dislocation Sermons, a major work in collaboration with poet Dinesh Allirajah, and performed by an augmented version of the Frakture Big Band. That year also saw the release of trees, a first CD release from amere3, a trio of phil, simon fell on bass and rob dainton on drums.

2002 saw the premier of the chaos concerto, for large improvising group and creative soloist, featuring Evan Parker and the Frakture Big Band, and also the release of a double CD of 'postal duets' with North Carolina guitarist Bret Hart.

In 2003, due to mental health problems i stopped playing saxophone, but eventually finished two ongoing projects, duets albums with Caroline Kraabel and Lee Noyes. Since then i have finished a further postal duet with Glenn Weyant, playing cello and singing.

In the summer of 2007 i took up the saxophone again, and recorded 'musick for two machines' with Barry Chabala.

2009 saw the release of 'Imperfect Silence', a compilation CD of contributions to the 'cadavre esquis' website that i curate; 2010 saw the release of , 'Graculus', a duo CD with guitarist Richard Harding, and a second amere3 CD, 'aplicate'. A second Graculus CD, 'Small Things' came out in 2011, followed by 'Human', with Maggie Nicols  in 2013. In 2014 i got ill again, this time with ME/CFS, which kept me out of action for seven years. Accordingly, in 2011 there were two new CD's, 'The Reverse of Reality' by bloodcog and 'Fall Through the Infinite' by Phil Hargreaves and Richard Harrison. Projects for 2022 include an online collaboration with Chris Parfitt, a third, as yet untitled, Graculus album, a debut for Malchamech (improv-metal) and a second Bloodcog album, if i find time for all that.


Bonehouse: Click (nerve technologies, 1998)
Various, inc Yoko Ono & Lee Ranaldo: Trace - one, two-minute track (Audio Research Editions, 1999)
amere3: trees (whi music, 2001)
phil hargreaves/bret hart: the greater part of what my neighbors call good i know in my heart to be bad (whi music 2002)
caroline kraabel/phil hargreaves: where we were: shadows of liverpool (leo records 2004)
phil hargreaves/lee noyes: a present from the pickpocket (whi music 2005)
Chabala/Hargreaves/Marconi/Weyant/Yarrish: An Experiment in Blind Chaos Group Theory free DADA Coincidence Volume One (whi music 2006)

phil hargreaves/glenn weyant: Friday Morning Everywhere (whi music 2007)
barry chabala/phil hargreaves: Musick for Two Machines (whi music 2008)

Various: Sountrack for a Mersey Tunnel (ltd edition CD, 2008)
Various: Imperfect Silence (whi music 2009)
Graculus: Small Things (whi music 2011)
Maggie Nicols/phil hargreaves: Human (whi music 2012)
amere3: aplicate (whi music 2013)
phil hargreaves/richard harrison: Fall Through the Infinite (whi music 2021)
bloodcog: The Reverse of Reality (whi music 2021)




drawing done by an audience member at an FBB gig. thanks, Amy!